About Us

"Demfings Clothing Est. 2016" 
Demfings are an uncatogorized Clothing brand from Western Sydney, Also widely known as "DMFS" or "Uncommon Breed"
Started in 2016 by Founder Dylan Arena, Later joined by his brother Claudio Arena.

The Birth of Demfings was conceived by the idea of having no limits, Thus meaning any one can do or be anything they dream of. With powerful quotes such as "Failure is sucess in progress" and " Against all odds, Against the Grain" - It is evidently clear that the message from Dylan & Claudio is that no matter how many times you fall down or what you are up against, it is possible. 

This concept is the main focus due to the brothers coming from a tough up brining in Sydneys west, with a not very "well off" or "fortunate" family. 
With literally no help from a degree, investors or even stake holders, the brand was 
birthed and still is completely run by only the two brothers, making motivation & will power the key fuel for the fire that burns within. 

Demfings is a statement, that you or anyone else, can be what you want in life.
Let our brand be your reminder. 

Have a vision, Think big, Ignore the nay-sayers, work your a$$ off, and give back and change the world.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Sincerely, The DMFS Team.